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Looking for help on a problem? Try the knowledge base of articles that might answer your questions. If you still need help, file a support ticket below.

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If you have a local avatar account, please LOGIN first. After logging in, you will be returned to this support page.

If you file without logging in, your ticket will treated as a login or entry problem. Local residents, please enter your avatar name and email address (so that we can get back to you). Hypergrid visitors, please enter your avatar name @ home grid name (URI), and email address. Click on the (Submit Ticket) button to file your support ticket to our concierge staff.

BEFORE submitting a support ticket, please try the following suggestions first if your problem looks like one of these:
  • 'Gloebit transaction failed.' - This means the Gloebit company service is overloaded, slow or failed. Please login to the Gloebit WEB site then file a support ticket with them. All Gloebit transaction problems are the sole responsibility of this 3rd party currency handler. Any Gloebit related support tickets opened will be closed because we have no means to investigate G$ problems.
  • Viewer: 'Login Failed. Logins are currently restricted.' - This usually means your avatar account is suspended. This happens when you do do not respond to verification emails or you have not agreed to the TOS. To fix this go LOGIN. Then, click on the {Send Verify} button if your email is not verified. You will receive the email. Respond to it. If you have not agreed to the TOS, read it, then click on the {Agree} button.
  • Viewer: 'Login Failed. Could not authenticate your avatar' - This usually means you entered your avatar name or password incorrectly. If you have forgotten your password click here: FORGOT PASSWORD
  • Viewer: stuck in 'Waiting for Region Handshake' - This usually means the region you are trying to log into is having problems. In the viewer, to the left of the 'Login' button click on the selector and choose '<type region name>' then enter Discovery City. Then login again. If you made it to the Discovery City region, it was a region problem. If you still cannot login, proceed to file this support ticket.
  • Viewer: 'Your requested region is not currently available... ' - This means the region you are trying to go to is in the process of starting up. No one can enter a region until it is fully started. Wait a while, or login into a different region. If the problem persists file a support ticket.
  • Submit Ticket
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